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Space Post – Internet Game Aide – Fort, Weapons, Advantages and then some!
Space Post – Internet Game Aide – Fort, Weapons, Advantages and then some!

Space Post is a clever Procedure Shooting match-up. It isn't actually similar to any normal Shooter game, this game has a bit of everything in all cases. It has -

*Shooting enemies on a dark planet.

*Use a variety of weapons accessible to you.

*Overhauls for 30 30ammo to make them even more amazing.

*The ability to create a stronghold around you to safeguard yourself from the going after surges of outcast species.

*Various Stronghold upgrade decisions and the ability to add modified Turrets to your post!

*Utilize various Soldiers of fortune champions to help you in your battle.

*Extra Exceptional Benefits gave through MochiCoins (if you have some additional cash).

*Besides, at last, Advantages are open for your character to grow your survivability, power and other huge climbs to impel your post.

First impressions

Getting moving, the game seems, by all accounts, to be to some degree languid, with its informative activity, slow convergences of starting adversaries and not much to do with your crucial firearm and no stronghold. Anyway, after the underlying very few waves, the games transforms into fundamentally more significant with more to do, more decisions get opened to you, and the game starts to open up to its high capacity of horseplay.


You can either use the W,A,S,D keys or Bolt Keys <-^ - > to move you character about.

We found it best to use W,A,S,D and a while later you can zero in on pointing with your mouse.

Number keys 1-0 can be used to change between your continuous arranged weapons.

Esc Key - Choices Menu

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